Project Management and Construction Supervision

Project Management and Construction Supervision

We use specialized project management techniques to provide clients with oversight, planning, design and construction supervision services both domestically and internationally.

We have successfully provided related services to the following transportation (sub) sectors:

  • Railway and roads
  • Major and minor bridges
  • Yards and crossing stations
  • Railway structures
  • Signalling works
  • Overhead Electrification works
  • Track maintenance

Olam Group – Gabon, Ongoing

Design Review and Proofing, Personnel, Resourcing and Equipment Review, Monitoring and Progress Assessments as part of Project Management and Construction Supervision Services for Gabon Special Economic Zone Railway Construction Projects

Adani Bulk Terminal – 2015

Design Review, Approval of Work Methods, Personnel, Resources and Equipment, Monthly Reporting, Audit of Quality Control Mechanisms and Vetting of As-Built Drawings for the Construction of a New Railway Line and Related Facilities Connecting Khandla Port Trust to Adani Bulk Terminal’s Rail Yard in Gujarat, India

Indian Farmers Fertiliser Corporation Limited, Ongoing

Technical Audit, Review and Inspection of Works, and Quality Assurance Services for Modifying IFFCO’s Kandla Railway Line