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Leading Consultant in Domestic & Global Market

We are a leading Railway & Transportation Engineering and Management Consultant, possessing multi-disciplinary consulting capability and a vibrant organization staffed & associated by eminent, experienced and qualified professionals, Railway Experts, Highway Engineers, Transportation Planners, Bridge & Structural Engineers, Environmental Engineers, Economists and Financial Experts. We are Indian Railway Approved, Registered and Empanelled Consultant. Our strategy is an integrated approach to planning, particularly for projects, which have multi-disciplinary ramifications.

Expert in Railway Projects

We have successfully completed 80 plus Railway & Infrastructure project including connectivity to dry port, Private freight terminal & multi-model logistics park, Railway Rehabilitation projects, feasibility studies, detailed project studies, Port maintenance-operation assessment, traffic study, Port safety studies.

We have our consulting footprints in India. Recently, we successfully completed the following consulting assignment in India as well as abroad:

Expert Resource: Multi-Disciplinary Expertise Field

We are Civil Engineering Consulting Company with experienced staff, bringing decades of expertise on industrial and national rail & Infrastructure systems. We offer utilizing our expert service in the field of Railways, PFTs, Dry Ports, Sidings, Non-Government Railways (NGRs), etc.

We have strong experts team with specialised field experience comprising of Railway Experts, Bridges Experts, Logistic Experts, Traffic Experts, Port Expert, Structural Expert, Hydrology Expert, Financial Advisor, Commercial Expert, Geotechnical Expert Environmental- social expert, Business , Financing Modelling , Port operations Expert , & much more.

We Deliver Quality

We are an ISO-9001:2015 Certified Company for providing technical and management consultancy services including design, development & operation & maintenance of Infrastructure project. We have built a strong reputation for delivering complex, time sensitive projects on time and on