Greenfield Railways

We have advised a number of public and private sector clients on development Greenfield passenger and freight railway lines.

Our related services include:

  • Route options and selection of the ‘optimal route’ based on a multi-criteria analysis
  • Field investigations and site survey analysis
  • Detailed designs of the alignment and rail-related infrastructure (bridges, culverts, stations, workshops, etc.)
  • Bill of quantities and lifecycle cost estimates

Railway Rehabilitation / Upgrade

We have successfully advised clients both domestically and internationally on railway rehabilitation works including:

  • Gauge conversion
  • Rehabilitation/upgradation of defunct railways and associated infrastructure (e.g., bridges)
  • Restructuring loss making railways
  • Modification of Railway Terminals and Yards

Metro Rail, Light Rail, Trams

As countries shift to low carbon solutions such as high-capacity transport, we are ready to advise governments in the following areas:

  • Technology solution
  • Traffic studies and operational planning
  • Rolling Stock
  • Design and design reviews

Rolling Stock

We provide the full suite of Rolling Stock Planning services including:

  • Procurement advisory and tender documentation
  • On site manufacturing supervision, component testing and quality control
  • Assistance in commissioning
  • Troubleshooting
  • O&M of railway rolling stock, track and yards


Optimum Rolling Stock maintenance – Predictive/Scheduled/Periodic/Trouble Shooting – is the key to a successful Railway’s Operation and Maintenance. We provide feasibility and detailed design consulting for railway rolling stock workshops such as :

  • Loco Workshops
  • Wagon Workshops
  • Wheel Shops
  • Loco Pits


We bring deep expertise in both traditional and ballastless (slab) track design and can provide the following solutions:

  • Alignment studies and selection of optimal alignment
  • Track design
  • Track and railway

Railway Construction Supervision

We use specialized project management techniques to provide clients with oversight, planning, design and construction supervision services both domestically and internationally.

Railway Operations and Maintenance (O&M)

We undertake complete Operations and Maintenance of Railway Infrastructure particularly of Private Railway Sidings and Yards. The services include:

  • Yard and Mainline Operations
  • Locomotive repairs and maintenance
  • Wagons/ Rail Cars repairs and maintenance
  • Track repairs and maintenance