Masterplanning and Feasibility Assessments

We work closely with public and private sector clients to develop feasibility assessments that:

  • Objectively and rationally uncover the likelihood of a given project’s success and
  • Provide a basis for decision making.

Furthermore, we go beyond the standard of ‘Is this project feasible?’ to ‘How can we make this project feasible from all perspectives?’

We have successfully provided the following feasibility assessments across a number of transportation sectors including:

  • Technical feasibility including design and full lifecycle costing
  • Socio-environmental feasibility including impact and resettlement assessments
  • Commercial feasibility including financial/economic modeling towards determining bankability
  • Legal and regulatory interactions, implications and feasibility
  • Risk analysis, allocation and mitigation
  • Procurement strategy and administration
  • Fund mobilization and financial closure

Financial and Economic Assessments

Our team of transport economists and financial advisors have conducted numerous cost/benefit and bankability assessments for large infrastructure projects globally. Our related service offerings include:

  • Financial modeling and structuring
  • Economic cost-benefit analysis
  • Risk analysis, allocation and mitigation
  • Fund mobilization, negotiations and financial closure

Traffic Assessments

Correctly sizing an infrastructure project requires developing accurate traffic estimates. We use specialized techniques such as traffic surveys and counts combined with demand modelling (e.g., 4-step and HDM) to develop accurate forecasts under various time horizons and scenarios.

Technical Assistance, Institutional Strengthening and Capacity Development

Regardless of scope, we strive to deliver engineering and advisory services that build the knowledge and skills as well as positively influence the attitudes of our clients and their staff. We offer
  • Workshops and training seminars
  • University course content and programs
  • Job shadowing and knowledge transfer