We partake in a variety of freight movement and passenger railway projects, worldwide by providing advisory services, designs and work management, social consulting and engineering for the railways including related facilities 


We are involved in all aspects of road infrastructure development from Greenfield to road rehabilitation, expressways and highways as well as safety, construction planning and supervision

Bridges/ Flyovers/ Viaducts/ Other Structures

We provide top-tier Bridge/ Flyovers/ Viaducts and other similar structure services such as Bridge Designs, Bridge Condition Assessment, Bridge Strengthening and Rehabilitation.

Hydraulic Designs

Due to increasing water scarcity, effective water management is becoming increasingly important. We provide a variety of water management design services which protect and improve water quality as part of overall urban infrastructure development.

Ports & Logistics

At M.R. Technofin, we advise clients on improving their (dry) port and logistics infrastructure and operations. This includes assessing land connectivity for efficient freight movement, designing Special Economic Zones (SEZs) and strategically planning port layouts to meet shippers’ needs.

Urban and Rural Infrastructure

Increased urbanization is putting significant demands on urban infrastructure. To meet the needs of a growing metropolis, we readily advise clients on developing related infrastructure such as buildings and municipal (water connectivity, sanitation and sewerage, etc.). Our infrastructure projects are incorporated with eco friendly engineering solutions.


Though we are rooted in transport, over time we have touched a number of agricultural value chain sectors across the globe in a number of our consulting projects. Agriculture and Transport go hand-in-hand as the former relies on the latter to reach domestic and global markets. We are branching into new areas and are working with partners, to provide innovative and results-driven solutions across the entire agriculture value chain. Our services cut across from growth and harvesting to agribusiness, agriculture transport, and food processing.
Agriculture Value Chain at M.R. Technofin
Climate Smart Infrastructure

Climate Studies

The global drive for development has come at the expense of the environment and climate with ecological balances heavily disrupted. Looking forward, development must prioritize Climate Smart Infrastructures. We have recently shifted our Climate Studies focus to providing more inventive and suitable solutions in the fields of climate change adaptation, climate risk mitigation, climate resilience, disaster risk reduction, climate smart infrastructure and transportation, to create an ecological balance.

Gender Studies

Gender gaps in the transport sector are highly noticeable with markers such as low employment of women and poor access for women in transportation services. We believe in ensuring gender mainstreaming by conducting thorough gender-based data collection, gender diagnosis and mapping, creating awareness and providing proper capacity building in this regard. We are currently implementing multiple Transport and Infrastructure sector projects with gender inclusiveness in mind.
Women in Transport at M.R. Technofin