Reliance Industries Limited, for the feasibility of ROB / RUB infrastructure in connection with their Jamnagar refinery.

Recently, M.R. Technofin completed a techno-economic feasibility study in record one-month’s time to develop the Road Over Bridge (ROB) / Road Under Bridge (RUB) infrastructure for crossing the railway line in relation to the Jamnagar unit of Reliance Industries Limited.

Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) is a Fortune 500 company and the largest private sector corporation in India. Reliance has the sixth largest refinery in the world – in the Special Economic Zone at Jamnagar. This refinery has a capacity for processing 580,000 BPD of crude. Presently, all the solid dispatch trucks are moving from LC-8/9/10 area and crossing levelled crossing 215 to reach LC 10 parking area. Present route is cutting through the internal area of three level crossings and mixing with the people movement. RIL intend to develop the RUB/ROB infrastructure for crossing the railway line.

M.R. Technofin Consultants undertook the following activities in this study:

  • Conducted detailed traffic study
  • Developed cost optimal alternatives / option which included combinations of Road Over and Road Under bridges on both the railway lines
  • Developed detailed layout with internal connection
  • Prepared 3D walkthrough presentation for each option
  • Prepared complete structural and drainage design basis as per requirements
  • Conducted detailed area drainage study of the connected plots and integration of the same
  • Conducted Cost Benefit and Time Benefit analysis for each potential option and finalized the most optimum option
  • Developed the preliminary designs for the finalized scheme
  • Prepared detailed Bill of Quantities (BOQ) and detailed cost estimates for the project
  • Prepared detailed specifications for geotechnical investigations
  • Prepared all necessary engineering and drainage designs