M.R. Technofin is awarded a unique Feasibility Study for Fly-Ash Transportation by Rail from MPPGCL’s Four Power Plants in Madhya Pradesh, India.

In April 2021, M.R. Technofin was awarded work to carry out a feasibility study for the railway upgradation at MPPGCL’s four power plants for fly-ash transportation by rail.

Madhya Pradesh Power Generating Company Limited (MPPGCL), a wholly owned company of the Government of Madhya Pradesh, is engaged in generation of electricity in the State of Madhya Pradesh. MPPGCL intends to carry out transportation of fly ash / pond ash by rail for disposal from its four thermal power plants so as to achieve economy and achieve 100% utilisation of fly ash generated and also dispose-off the fly ash already available in its ash ponds. The railway infrastructure at the four plants needs to be upgraded to facilitate loading of ash on to railway wagons for dispatch to various destinations on the railway network. The name and installed capacity of four plants is as under:

  • Sanjay Gandhi Thermal Power Station- 1340 MW (4×210 MW & 1×500 MW)
  • Amarkantak Thermal Power Station- 210 MW (1x 210 MW)
  • Satpura Thermal Power Station-1330 MW (1×200 MW, 3X210 MW & 2X250 MW)
  • Shree Singaji Thermal Plant- 2520 MW (2×600 MW & 2×660 MW)

Scope of consultancy services includes:

  • Study the processes of Fly-ash generation, storage and disposal.
  • Study the Environment Safeguard Rules and Regulations of Government of India concerning Fly-ash storage and transportation.
  • Study water sources, usage and disposal at the power plants as well as complete water cycle and water diagram.
  • Study the ‘Best Practises’ for Fly-ash storage and transportation (both Wet and Dry Ash).
  • Study fly-ash storage augmentation as well as various in-plant railway network options.
  • Design fly-ash storage i.e., silos, conveyors, pipelines within the power plant
  • Develop and designing the railway system augmentation and modifications necessary for fly-ash transportation for easy loading/unloading and transpiration of Dry/Wet Pond Ash without hindrance of ongoing coal transportation.
  • Conduct Cost-Benefits analysis for transportation of fly-ash through rail mode.
  • Prepare the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on the basis of discussion with Railway authority and Cement Manufacturer and other perspective customers for long term Agreement and availing benefits of rebate and guarantee thereof.
  • Assess the water consumption for misting the ash or develop a sprinkling system to trap emission of fly ash in the atmosphere at loading points as per pollution norms.
  • Prepare Concepts for all major systems/ subsystems.
  • Develop technical specifications of work, equipment’s and civil works.
  • Prepare the General Arrangement Drawings (GADs) and Flow Diagrams.
  • Prepare plant and equipment drawings & specifications, and suggestions for improvement & modifications.
  • Prepare the work implementation schedule showing key milestone activities.