M.R. Technofin is excited for Jevon Devasagayam to join our team in Canada!

Jevon Devasagayam is a third-year undergraduate, Business Management Co-op student, studying at Ryerson University. Currently, she is majoring in Global Management where she learns about conducting international business affairs and understanding national and international policies. At M.R. Technofin, Jevon will be working on business intelligence, process and global business development. In her free time, she enjoys travelling, volunteering her time with the community and learning about sustainability. Here’s what Jevon had to say about the opportunity:

“I’m excited and thankful for the opportunity to work with M.R. Technofin. I look forward to working with a global team. As a co-op business analyst, my goal is to achieve the following three things by the end of my term”

  • Sufficient research and reporting skills
  • Creation of business development documentation abilities
  • Relationship building competencies with existing partner database