Detailed Engineering Consultancy and Project Management for Railway siding from Mahegaon station on Jukhi – Kymore line in Jabalpur division of West Central Railway for ACC Limited

    Feasibility Study, DPR, ESP and Detailed Engineering Study and Designs:

    • Collected existing data, review all relevant existing literature, study reports
    • Conducted in-depth discussions with key stakeholders (including ACC’s Engineering, Logistics & Plant Team) regarding projected traffic and to inform the planning of loading and unloading of wagons at a suitable location.
    • Conducted route identification and selection of ‘optimum’ alignment design of plan and profile (L -Section) of new railway
    • Conducted topographical, hydrological and geological studies
    • Carried out a reconnaissance survey of the area to establish techno – economically alternative alignments for the Railway Line, including suitable take off points from the main line
    • Recommended a suitable operational system for the smooth movement of logistics.
    • Prepared Engineering Scale Plan for railways and detailed engineering designs including designs for earthworks, related structures, track, workshops, stations, electrification system, signalling and telecommunications and mechanical works
    • Conducted detailed field engineering and prepared all necessary General Arrangement Drawings such as L-Section, Fixing of Alignment, laying of curve on grounds, benchmarking along the alignment, L-Section for earthwork in embankment and cutting, construction drawings for culverts, bridges, etc.
    • Prepared drawings for major/minor bridges, culverts with detailed soil investigation and hydraulic study. Design of the embankment to suit local conditions
    • Prepared the Bill of Quantities (BOQ) and all technical specifications including preparing detailed estimates for bridges, permanent way material, workshop, stations, mechanical, electrical and other rail infrastructure
    • Conducted technical, economic and financial appraisals of different rail-based technologies along with related recommendations that are most suitable for the project.
    • Prepared Detailed Project Report (DPR)
    • Prepared the Signalling Interlocking Plan (SIP) and obtained approval.
    • Prepared the Layout Plan of OHE (LOP)
    • Prepared the Detailed Design of S&T
    • Prepared the Detailed Design of OHE
    • Necessary laisoning and obtained approval from Railways for installation of weigh bridge, track construction and land licensing.
    • Prepared tender documents and provided necessary support in the procurement process including technical bid evaluation and reporting.
    • Project Management and Construction Supervision

    Construction Plans & Procedures:

    • Established detailed construction /erection methodology, execution plan and work schedule with construction contractors to match with the overall project schedule
    • Reviewed and approved work method and procedure in line with contract requirement and engineering practice
    • Reviewed and approved the contractor’s designs.
    • Finalized the construction code, standards and specifications etc. with construction contracts and engineering standards specifications and approved drawings

    Construction Monitoring

    • Reviewed construction schedule of contractors and held review meetings to monitor the trend in schedule and progress
    • Reviewed site mobilization plan and monitored mobilization of required personnel, resources and equipment
    • Checked initial and final level for execution of work
    • Prepared monthly progress reports/exception reports highlighting the percentage completion of work, areas of concern with respect to schedule to be deployed.

    Construction Management & Quality Assurance:

    • Reviewed the Contractor’s construction and quality assurance plan and confirmed its compliance
    • Finalized the inspection and test plan
    • Audited and approved welding procedures and welder’s qualification procedure
    • Arranged and advised on track testing and trial runs
    • Organized inspection of completed works
    • Monitored safety procedures by construction contractor

    Construction Inspection:

    • Audited documentation submitted by the construction contractor periodically
    • Provided oversight regarding the necessary arrangements for required field inspection and tests
    • Submitted inspection procedures for review/approval
    • Vetted As-Built Drawings submitted by the contractor
    • Provided certification of measurements/milestone progress of site work
    • Provided any other activities relevant to construction management

Service/Sub-Service Tag

  • Detailed Design
  • Detailed Engineering
  • Feasibility Study
  • Project Management and Construction Supervision
  • Site Investigations
  • Survey
  • Value Engineering