Consultancy service for Detailed Study for PFT siding of Hind Terminals Pvt. Ltd in Gujarat

    • Reviewed and assessed design/operating constraints including: axle load, speed, curvature and crossing Loop/length/spacing
    • Conducted topographic surveys
    • Prepared construction drawings for the railway yard and bridges as well General Arrangement Drawings (GAD)
    • Recommended suitable locations for in-motion weigh-bridges and areas for wagon loading
    • Defined operational and system requirements for the proposed line and determined suitable take off points from the existing main line
    • Developed a plan for connecting the proposed line to the main network based on immediate and forecasted EXIM and domestic traffic
    • Prepared a full Bill of Quantities (BOQ) and costing for constructing the line
    • Prepared tender documents for all materials to be procured

Service/Sub-Service Tag

  • Detailed Design
  • Detailed Engineering
  • Feasibility Study
  • Site Investigations
  • Survey
  • Traffic Assessments