Feasibility for removal of Infringement at Road Over Bridges for Operation of Double Stack Container (DSC) Trains between Kannalus Junction and Ports of Mundra & Pipavav on Western Railway

    • Reviewed existing studies and prepared ‘As-built’ drawings of the five ROBs
    • Conducted an in-depth study of Indian Railway norms regarding the Schedule of Dimensions for operating double stack container trains
    • Carried out reconnaissance surveys at each of the five ROB locations
    • Conducted Non-destructive Testing (NDT) on concrete /masonry /abutment /piers /girders
    • Based on reconnaissance survey and NDT, advised on most feasible engineering solutions for removing infringements at each location including:
    • Raising the height of abutment and piers
    • Strengthening of abutment/ piers and foundations
    • Suitability of re- using existing girders
    • Constructing new structure at the same location.
    • Relocating the existing ROB to suitable adjacent location
    • Assessment whether lowering the track was feasible and prepared the preliminary modified longitudinal section (L- Section) for the track.
    • Prepared preliminary designs and General Arrangement Drawings for the modified/new ROBs
    • Prepared a Bill of Quantities and cost estimates for the work to be done at each ROB location

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